The main mother of the Ellis Clan was Mrs. Dora Ellis. She was born Dora Thomas. Her father's name was Isom Thomas. Dora had three (3) sister's Mary Thomas, Caroline Thomas, and Isabella Thomas 

Dora was married twice. Her first husband was Logan Wiley with whom she had 3 children with Brody Wiley, Lela Wiley, and Rose Wiley. Her second husband was William Ellis with whom she had 8 children with William Henry Ellis, Dora Ellis-Jones, Paralee Ellis-Jackson, Albert Ellis, John Wesley Ellis, Otha Ellis, Evelyn Ellis-Martin, and Irene Ellis-Robinson. 
After these 11 children the tree branched off mixing in with families, marrying into the Ellis family, therefore changing the Ellis name,

Families such as ...
  • Martin
  • Wall
  • Robinson
  • Jackson
  • Franklin
  • Moton
  • Stark
  • Sanders
  • Hanible
  • Cannon 
And other surnames. 
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