A Time For Love, Fun, & Family 

Dear Family Member,

  Having a deep sense of family belonging is very important for family life because it bonds, and it also brings a good feeling of comfort. With that being said, please take a few moments to read the brief history of The Ellis Family and it's legacy that you are a part of.

   The Ellis Family was established  through the union of William and Dora Ellis when they united in marriage on March 10, 1906 in St. Francis County Arkansas. Prior to their marriage. William  fathered two children, a son Richard, and a daughter Willie Lu Ellis, and Dora mothered 3 children, Brody, Lela & Rosey Wiley while previously married to her first husband Logan Wiley. 

   After becoming Mr. and Mrs. William and Dora Ellis , they later had 9 children together. They are John, James, Dora, Evelyn, Albert, William, Parlee, Irene, and Otha Ellis.

   When the Ellis children became adults, the daughters married, taking their husband's last names, blending and extending families, while the Ellis sons married and the Ellis name maintained and was carried on by their sons, grandsons, etc. 

  Since 1906, William and Dora's family has trickled down to it's 6th generation. Today the Ellis family tree includes 9 main surnames and branches of families rooted from the given surname, Ellis, and altogether  we are relatives amongst The Cannons, The Franklins, The Hanibles, The martins, The Motons, The Robinsons, The Wallaces, and The Walls families.

   It's been a long time coming, and our family is well overdue for experiencing a reunion weekend featuring all branches, and 'All of Us', descendants of the Ellis Family. Therefore, we announce the plans for a reunion to be held and hosted in a Detroit Metropolitan city (TBA) with the dates set for Friday August 17th through Sunday, August 19th. Save the Dates, and let's all come together, acquaint ourselves, and create a good memory to become part of our family's history. 

  Before confirming reunion plans and schedules, We first need to hear from you regarding your interest in attending. Headcount are Urgently needed, as time deadlines are essential for planning. Therefore, the favor of your timely RSVP is requested ASAP, and no later than Friday, November 3, 2017. This gives you time to think to plan, Let's Make it Happen!

  To RSVP, simply call 678-984-3057. To leave a message, speak clearly stating your full name, your phone number, your headcount#, children ages, and T-shirt sizes needed. You can also text this information to the same number, or visit www.theellisfamilyreunion.com to complete your RSVP there. 

The Ellis Family Reunion-Detroit, MI Hosting & Planning Committee