The Ellis Family was established through the union of William and Dora Ellis when they united in marriage on March 10, 1906 in St. Francis County, Arkansas. Without a doubt if they both were here today; they would be surprised at the fruit of their labor as pro-creators for their family. Prior to their marriage, William fathered two children, a son Richard, and a daughter Willie Lu Ellis, and Dora mothered 3 children, Bronty, Lela & Rosey Wiley while previously married to her first husband Logan Wiley. After becoming Mr. & Mrs. William and Dora Ellis, they later had 9 other children together. They are: John, James, Dora, Evelyn, Albert, William, Parlee, Irene, and Otha Ellis. Therefore, they are the first-generation Ellis family.
When the Ellis children became adults, the daughters married, taking on their husband's last names, blending and extending families, while the Ellis sons married and the Ellis maintained and was carried on by their sons, grandsons, etc.
Since 1906, William and Dora's family has trickled down to its 6th generation, and counting toward its 7th generation. Today our family tree includes the following surnames and branches of families. We are the Cannons, Franklins, Hanibles, Martins, Motons, Robinsons, Thomases, Wallaces and Walls. Altogether we are the families that make up the legacy started by William and Dora Ellis.
To help preserve William & Dora's family legacy, we hope to rebuild our trust in each other, to reestablish our love for each other, and to reunite ourselves as a family.